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Window Washing

Apartment & Office Window Cleaning

Majik Cleaning Services offers the best window washing service available in New York. Whether you need a service to clean the windows in your corporate apartment or business office, our professional window cleaners will make sure your glass is crystal clear.

Cleaning windows in a posh apartment or luxurious office is a job better left to the professionals. Over time, the windows get streaked and dirty. This makes your office or residence look unkempt.

Dust, grime and traffic can give your windows a dusty appearance. This also prevents the maximum amount of outdoor light from entering your premises.

Cleaning the windows makes your entire facility sparkle. Natural light shines into the area without being darkened by dirt and streaks on the windows.

Majik Cleaning Services has the equipment and expertise to clean all of your windows. Get a clear view of the world around you and let the sunshine in when you windows are properly washed by a pro.

Majik Cleaning Services provides the best commercial cleaning services in NYC. Our window washing professionals keep the glass windows in high-rise corporate buildings looking clean.

If your looking for window washing in New York, then Majik is just the company you're looking for. Let us get the dust, grime and dirt off your windows. Call us at 212-545-7830 to get started.

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