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Hoarding Cleaning

Hoarding Cleaning Services in NYC

Recent magazine articles and television shows have raised awareness about the problem of hoarding. Often people lose access to the items they want because unwanted items are in the way.

Majik Cleaning Services now does hoarding clean up and clutter removal, including clean up and removal of all items from the apartment and premises.

There is no reason to get lost in the confusion of clutter. It can be difficult to handle a job of this magnitude on your own. The longer the situation gets neglected, the worse it tends to get.

Take control of your surroundings by getting rid of the clutter that make the area seem overcrowded and congested. Hoarding is a common problem and Majik Cleaning Services is well-equipped to handle any type of clean up.

Our friendly staff are available anytime you are ready to make a fresh start. Reach out to us to get a free on-site estimate.

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