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The Crystal Clear Benefits of Window Washing in NYC


It's clear, the state of your exterior windows is a critical part of your business. Having a beautiful view from your office hidden by a dirty window gives off a negative impression to potential clients and employees. Dirty windows can give a negative first impression, you won’t want people assuming that sinWindow Washing Services NYCce you are lazy with the state of your office building, then you are equally lazy with your work. Fortunately, Majik Cleaning Services offers commercial window cleaning in NYC to make sure all of your office windows are crystal clear.

While window washing in NYC can obviously bolster the outward appearance of your business, this is only one of the benefits of window cleaning. Let's take a closer look at a few known and lesser-known perks of commercial window cleaning in NYC.

Make the Right First Impression with Window Cleaning Services

In business, you will hardly get a second chance to make a first impression. Window washing is a relatively inexpensive way to ensure you always put your best foot forward. Window washing will help clean up the natural layer of water, dirt, smog, streaks, fingerprints and grime that builds up on windows.

If left unattended, this layer of grime will actually obscure the natural light and communicate the wrong message to passers-by. Dirty windows can tell potential customers you don't pay attention to details, you're unkempt, and sloppy with business. However, by hiring professionals who know exactly how to clean windows thoroughly, you can avoid negative first impressions and amplify your brand message.

Improve Recruiting Efforts with Clean Windows

Clean Windows

According to a recent Future Workplace survey called “The Employee Experience,” access to natural light and views of nature is the most desirable attribute of a workplace environment. Surprisingly, natural light outranked key perks like on-site childcare, onsite cafeterias, and fitness centers. Simply put, employees find natural light and views of nature inspirational. If your windows are dirty and unkempt, you may be unknowingly working against your best recruiting tool — the sun.

Aside from creating more productive workers, exposure to natural light throughout the day helps employees sleep better at night. The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine discovered in a study that workers in a windowless environment reported poorer overall sleep quality. If your employees are feeling sluggish at work due to a lack of sleep, that can greatly affect their performance. 

Help Your Employees Be Well & More Productive

Professor Dr. Alan Hedge of Cornell University discovered a clear connection between employee wellbeing and natural light. His research study found the optimization of natural light in a workplace environment significantly improved wellness and health among workers. The study revealed that employees working in daylight office environments reported a:

  • 51% reduction in eye strain
  • 56% reduction in drowsiness
  • 63% reduction in headaches

Create an Air of Confidence with Professional Window Cleaning

While everyone notices fingerprints and water spots on windows, there are more sinister characters at play. Did you know your windows can affect indoor air quality? Windows are prone to collect smoke film buildup from an array of sources, which could be hazardous to the health of everyone in the building. Professional window cleaning solutions create a safer environment with cleaner air quality.

Bolster Energy Efficiency with Window Washing in NYC

Every time you have your windows cleaned, it will double as an inspection for potential problems that can be a source of waste. Damaged window seals can cause condensation, fogging and leaks, which can promote mold issues as well as higher energy bills. Dead bugs and dirt can collect in the seals over long periods of time and prevent proper closing action. All of these problems can lead to increased energy bills. However, each of these problems could be easily rectified with complete and total window cleaning sessions performed frequently.

Extend the Life of Your Windows

When you schedule professional window cleaning services in NYC, you can help extend the life of your windows. Window cleaning will remove potentially harmful contaminants like hard water, acid rain, and oxidation from the panes. By removing these corrosive elements with professional window washing tools, you can extend the life of your windows, saving your business money in the long run.


  • Having clean windows is much more than an aesthetic issue.
  • Clean windows will help you make the right first impression every time.
  • You can improve indoor air quality and energy efficiency of your building or high rise with clean windows.
  • You can extend the life of your windows by removing corrosive elements off window panes.
  • Clean windows can help you recruit and retain employees while improving your workplace wellness and increasing productivity.

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