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How To Keep Your Office's Carpet Clean

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Carpet cleaning in an office setting can be a large chore, especially in high traffic areas. You want to keep your office clean throughout the week whenever your employees are working. Accidents can happen at any time, from spilled coffee to leaking printer ink. Fortunately, Majik Services Inc. is a leading expert in commercial carpet cleaning. Below is a curated list of advanced carpet cleaning tips and tricks to keep your office carpet spick and span in between professional visits.

Limit Food and Drink in The Office

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One of the biggest reasons for stains inside of the office is when people drop their food or drinks on the carpet. This can cause stains that will last for quite some time until you hire professional corporate carpet cleaners to get rid of them. However, simply banning food and drink from certain areas inside of your corporate office will greatly reduce the number of stains on any office rooms with carpet. In case this does not work as you had hoped, Majik Services are experts at modern stain removal techniques.

Utilize Rugs

High traffic areas always experience a lot of dirt being tracked in from the outside on the soles of your employee's shoes. Placing rugs in these areas and encouraging employees to wipe their feet before entering the office is a simple way to reduce the filth being brought in. However, high traffic areas will become dirty, regardless of how many precautions you take. That is why hiring professional carpet cleaners is necessary to spot clean these areas more frequently than the rest of the carpet.

Deep Clean Regularly

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While we may try our best to take proactive actions to prevent our office's carpet from getting dirty, there is no escaping the fact that it is just going to need professional carpet cleaning for the deepest clean. Your best bet is to work with trusted and experienced commercial carpet cleaners, such as Majik Services Inc., to set you up on a deep cleaning schedule. There are so many unseen allergens and dirt that gets trapped in the fibers of your office's carpet that normal cleaning methods just can't remove them. Fortunately, Majik is here to provide heavy duty carpet cleaning services in New York City that you can depend on.

Perform Surface Cleanings Weekly

Finally, the best thing that you can do to mitigate the dirt and grime that gets collected in the carpet is to perform surface cleanings weekly. This means that you should vacuum and use stain removers in between your scheduled professional cleanings. If there is an important client or potential employee visiting the office, you don’t want to give off the impression that you do not value cleanliness in the work environment. A filthy carpet can reflect negatively on your work ethic. Additionally, a clean environment will reduce allergens, improve airflow and boost your employee morale.


Taking care of your office's carpet should be a top priority for you as a business owner. There are so many unforeseen allergens that get trapped inside of your carpet that can end up producing harmful effects for employees and clients alike. Fortunately, there are plenty of proactive actions that you can take in order to keep your office's carpet in top shape, aside from the routine cleaning required by professionals. A clean carpet and office space can improve productivity.

Let's take a recap of the proactive things that you can do that were laid out in this article:

  • Always schedule regular deep cleanings with corporate carpet cleaning professionals
  • Do surface cleanings such as sweeping and vacuuming regularly
  • Don’t allow food or drink in areas that are covered in carpet
  • Utilize rugs in high traffic areas to mitigate messes from happening

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