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Why You Need Professional Floor Cleaning Services in NYC

Professional Floor Cleaning NYC

When is the last time you've had your floor buffed or waxed? When your floors are scuffed and dirty, it makes a less than favorable first impression when a potential client or employee enters your building. Something as simple as a scuffed floor could be costing you business. Majik Cleaning Services is here to help you when it comes to keeping your floors shiny and sleek! Scroll below to check out how our business and residential floor cleaning can help you today!

Floor Cleaning Experts

At Majik Cleaning Services, we are business and home floor cleaning experts who carry the qualifications and knowledge to get the job done. You'll have confidence in knowing that the highest standard of buffing or waxing on any type is being performed on your floor. We are trained to perform maintenance and restoration on surfaces such as Vinyl, Ceramic, Tile, and Hardwood floors.

Being insured and bonded, Majik Cleaning Services have a strong reputation when it comes to providing the best commercial floor waxing and buffing available on the market. We even go as far as conducting a follow-up inspection on all completed jobs, which are then logged in reports and given to management. This additional step in service allows us to perform at our highest standard and make sure that our client's needs have been met.

Why Hire Majik Cleaning Services

Professional Floor Cleaning NYC

  • Immaculate Installation - Between technical know-how, high-end equipment, and precise attention to detail, your floor will look brand new. And, it will push back the need to replace home or office floors.
  • Extending Your Floor's Life - This is especially true for hardwood floors since they'll likely encounter some scratches if dealing with heavy traffic. Since these imperfections can dull the look of your floor, your floor may have to be replaced more often than you expected. Thankfully, a great buffing or waxing job can eliminate these imperfections and keep your floor looking terrific for years to come.
  • Boosting Your Floor's Beauty & Cleanliness - Just a thin layer of wax not only protects your floor, but it also makes it easier for you to maintain cleanliness on your own. A quick mop or sweep on a waxed floor can keep it looking terrific until it's due for another buffing or waxing.

Floor Cleaning Services in NYC

So if you have a home or business in New York City, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Majik Cleaning Services is here to provide top of the line floor cleaning and waxing services, as well as buffing and restoration on all types of flooring. Since we provide a follow-up program, it allows the client to have confidence knowing that they will get consistent, professional service.

Being in business since 1991, Majik Cleaning Services has been known as the top professional floor cleaning service for well over 25 years. Between our tailor-made service and professional workmanship, we can solve any flooring issue you might have; we even offer extensive carpet cleaning services. Feel free to contact us today for details on how our proven deep cleaning methods can spruce up your floor!

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