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Benefits of Corporate Apartment Cleaning Services in NYC

NYC Apartment Cleaning Services

If your business has a corporate apartment, you might not be sure how to take care of the cleaning. After all, you’ll want to make sure that the furnished apartment is as clean, if not more so than a traditional hotel. You want the employee who is using the corporate abatement to feel at home during their stay. They’re likely in the process of relocating, so making sure the space is clean is extremely important. So the big question is, who cleans the apartment to make sure it’s ready for the next occupant? The best way to rectify this is to find a corporate cleaning company and utilize their apartment cleaning services..

Benefits of Choosing Professional Corporate Apartment Cleaning

When you hire a NYC cleaning service, you ensure a good first impression from the employee staying there. Most businesses use corporate apartments in NYC as alternatives to hotel rooms, so making sure the space is clean is key. This makes it easier to have a space to relax when they come back to the apartment after a long day at the office. This space should be reserved as an area to wind down and gain their wits for the next day. However, it should also remain presentable if the space is needed for hosting potential or existing clients. This is where commercial cleaning services come into play.

Industrial Cleaning

A corporate cleaning company is trained to give corporate apartments the same attention to detail as offices and other housing. Everything from the kitchen, floors, living areas, bathrooms and bedrooms are given the highest quality of care.

Corporate Cleaning Solutions and Services

In the kitchen, services can extend beyond dishes and tidying the area. The refrigerator and other appliances can be cleaned thoroughly for your convenience. Also, window cleaning throughout the corporate apartment will occur regularly. Below are common services that you can expect during their visits:

  • Carpet Cleaning & vacuuming
  • Washing Hardwood Floors
  • Deep Cleaning of Bathrooms: toilets, tubs, and showers
  • The dusting of ceiling fans and wall ornaments
  • Silver polishing
  • Managing Laundry and Linens
  • Emptying all trash in the apartment

These are essential tasks that can be taken care of while you are away at work. These chores can take anywhere from two to five hours, depending on the size of the apartment, which is difficult to fit into a tight schedule.

Dinner Meetings & Entertainment

Knowing that your corporate apartment has undergone industry-level cleaning, you can feel free to entertain clients at the residence or host a company gathering. The corporate apartment will always be presentable and professional should you need the space for corporate matters. Even if no one is currently residing in a corporate apartment, it can always be ready for corporate needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean An Apartment

NYC Apartment Cleaning Services

Depending on the number of rooms and tasks that you prefer to be taken care of by staff will determine the rate for one or more apartments. With multiple corporate apartments in the contract, that rate can be adjusted to reflect an amount by the apartment. The contract can come with a list of tasks to be completed and additional ones added to fit the needs of your resident, if necessary.

Apartment Cleaning Contract

After speaking with a representative, your apartment cleaning contract will consist of the requested services, the number of rooms, and how frequently cleaning staff will be by to perform the tasks. Your company has the option to request certain days and time periods that you would prefer the professional cleaners come in and clean.


  • Each corporate apartment has the ability to be a place of relaxation for employees and clients, or an alternative area to host because it is maintained and professional cleanliness.
  • An apartment cleaning contract can be customized to fit a specific cleaning checklist or variable preferences in terms of tasks and apartments.
  • Corporate apartments are preferred for employees or clients who will have an extended stay in your city while conducting business and projects.

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